Protecting Resources.
Investing in People.

At Heritage Fabrics, we believe in leaving things better than we found them. This includes our planet and the people living on it. Resources like drinkable water, tillable soil, breathable air, nourishing food, and secure housing do have limits. We must take care to protect these resources so they remain plentiful for those who come after us.


We value relationships at every point in our business, using technology to facilitate connections between products and people. We value every person who works on our products, and we’re committed to investing in each community.

Many of our products are manufactured in mills overseas. We constantly watch to ensure that none of those mills use child labor.

Textile weaving and dying have ancient roots, and many of the artisans who provide fabrics are using techniques handed down for generations. We value preserving this generational knowledge and providing a living wage for those sharing their expertise with our customers.


We support greening efforts in the textile industry, understanding the negative impact that harmful chemicals have on our planet.

We provide high quality textiles using environmentally friendly processes and materials which pass industry standards including California’s standard defined in proposition 65.

This standard requires businesses to provide warnings about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Sustainability Areas of Focus

Investing in Communities

We work with artisans in remote communities in India, providing them with fair wages for their fabrics.

Maintaining Safe Drinking Water

We’re committed to protecting the quality and drinkability of the water supply where our textiles are manufactured

Sustainable Practices

Reducing Paper Consumption

  • We use minimal packaging to ship products, both into the USA from our suppliers and to our customers
  • We’re going paperless in 2023 as we upgrade our inventory, order processing, and back office systems

Upcycling Materials

We donate fabric extras to nonprofit organizations like:

  • Churches
  • Community quilting groups
  • School art classes
  • School theatre classes for costume and set design
  • Cool Kids Clubhouse, with locations in Maryland, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We supply fabric for the furniture in these facilities for kids who’ve received a cancer dagnosis and their families.

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